Motor Part 3

With all of the major machine work out of the way, the short block assembled, and all of the parts collected it was time to start assembly of the SR20DET. Mert from RBMS Auto Care in Hayward (Who was a key part in the STI build, and will be helping me with the 510 build) picked up the block and head from Rob’s Auto Machine and began assembly. ARP hardware was used for all critical assembly points to insure the motor was as strong as possible.

With the basic parts of the motor now together, I packed up a bunch of parts and headed over to the shop to start putting it all together. First up was the assembly of the intake and exhaust manifolds along with all the associated parts. For the intake side of things I opted for the Greddy Intake manifold with large bore 80mm opening. Mated to the manifold is a custom built Naprec 80mm throttle body with billet aluminum throttle wheel. To deliver the necessary fuel to the car I opted for Injector Dynamics 800cc top feed injectors mated to a Radium top feed fuel rail. This setup along with the cams and porting of the head should provide plenty of airflow for the turbo.

Next up was the exhaust manifold and turbo setup. Having had fantastic experience with their products before on the STI, I opted for another Garrett GTX series turbo for the 510. I ended up going with the GTX3076 paired with a T3 v-band outlet hotside. Pushing the hot exhaust gases out of the motor and up to the turbo is a forward mount tubular manifold from McKinney Motorsports. The manifold pushes the turbo up and towards the front of the car to help with clearance of both the steering box and the drivers side strut tower. The manifold also features a 38mm external wastegate flange that I mated a Turbosmart 38mm UltraGate EWG to.

With both of  the above parts assembled and ready to go I mounted both up to the motor and began with the basic assembly. Adding the Nismo competition motor mounts, oil filter sandwich plate with temp and pressure sensors, water inlet and outlet housings, etc.

Once I had mounted the turbo, which came from the awesome team at Snail Performance, and figured out how it was going to need to be clocked we cut off the elbow that was on from a previous setup and began running the coolant and oil lines from the block. Next up is going to be the final parts of assembly including the oil pan, CAS setup, ATI damper pulley, water pump, etc. and then test fitting in the car.
Stay tuned for the next update coming soon!

Motor Part 2

Having been through the motor building game with the STI 3 times, I knew I didn’t want to cut any corners when building the SR20det for the 510. I wanted to build the motor once and be done with it regardless of power plans in the future. First up were the internals. Since the OEM crank for the SR20det is a really solid piece it was the one part I left alone. After great experience with them in the STI I opted for CP 87mm oversized pistons connected to a set of Manley I-Beam Turbo Tuff rods. To keep things spinning I went with a full set of ACL race bearings. To hold everything together I went with ARP fasteners for everything including head studs, main bolt, flywheel bolts, etc. All gaskets, seals, etc. were refreshed with a brand new master gasket kit from Nissan. Along with all of the seals I replaced the water pump, thermostat, and alternator with new units. The alternator is special order “black series” 135amp unit from Japan.

After getting the block back from the machine shop, it was cleaned a second time (Machine Shop steam cleaned the outside) to remove any remaining oils and then painted a battle ship grey to give a nice finished look.


Along with the short block, the head was also completely reworked inside and out. The intake and exhaust ports received a mild polish and blend, opening up the inlets and outlets to match the much larger manifolds. To help move all the incoming air from the turbo a set of 270 Tomei Pro-Cams was selected with all of the supporting goods. Manley titanium retainers and valve springs, Tomei valve guides, Tomei rocker stopppers, Tomei adjustable cam gears, Nissan OEM valve seals, and more.

A refresh of the valve cover with some new paint, updated assembly hardware, -10 an fitting for the breather port, and a brushed aluminum Tomei coil pack cover and everything was almost ready for assembly.