A fan of cars since a very young age I have been building, customizing, and working on them since I first got my license at age 16. After a start in the Honda world with a 97 Civic Ex I switched over to sportbikes for a bit and even worked on the Dunlop AMA superbike team. Moving out of San Francisco and out to Oakland with my now Wife, I picked up a brand new 2007 Subaru STI as my daily and got back into the car world.

After years of hard work the STI landed in multiple magazines and web blogs, won multiple shows, and became one of the most known STIs in the US and even Japan. However I hit a wall with the car where there was little left to work on and driving it became too tedious to enjoy.

Thus started my journey into the classic JDM world with the 1972 Datsun 510.

DSC_3699 (1)


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