Exhaust and Down-Pipe Fab

One of the many items that need to made to fit is the exhaust. Since much like the driveshaft, every swap fits a bit differently in the 510 there isn’t really an decent off the shelf solution for either the down-pipe or the exhaust. In order to get the job done I contacted Kelly who owns Kelly Built fabrications in San Jose. A good friend to a lot of the folks I know in the Bay Area car scene,  Kelly is known all around the Bay for his insane fab skills.

Request to him was a complete 3″ stainless steel exhaust and down-pipe with v-band connections and the HKS Carbon-Ti muffler I had previously purchased.

Kelly also added the v-band flange for my blow off valve, bung of the IAT sensor, and nipple for the IACV feed line to my cold-side intercooler pipe.

Amazing can’t even describe the quality of Kelly’s work on all of the components. Everything turned out amazingly well and fit the exact request I had made to him.

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