Assembly Part 3!

Welcome back! Lots of posts in one day but I need to catch up. Next up I’ll walk through some of the interior work and final steps up to where the car is now, done and running!

One of my goals with the car was to keep everything simple. I wanted a clean simple interior without having to track down 46 year old parts and components that may or may not be in decent shape. In order to do this I opted to go far a full aluminum dash, aluminum interior panels, and new carpet. I matched this to my set of Bride seats that I had in my STI and a Personal leather wrapped 300mm steering wheel. I also added a trick set of stainless steel door sills from Skillard.

For all the gauges and necessary information inside the car I turned to Speedhut gauges for a pair of custom made multi-gauges to match my existing Defis that I kept from the STI. The first Speedhut gauge features a 4 function display with Volts, Fuel Level, Oil Pressure, and Water Temp. The second features the tachometer and speedometer, along with odometer and other functions. The Speedo and Odometer are fed from GPS for a super reliable and accurate reading that involved minimal wiring and no speed sensors.

Along with adding in all of the interior panels and components for the main cabin, I also finished up the trunk area. In order to modernize the fuel delivery to meet the needs of the SR20det I opted for a custom made aluminum fuel cell that mounts in the original location between the rear strut towers. I also added the Techno Toy Tuning side panels and wheel well cover.

Next up down-pipe and exhaust fabrication!

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