Assembly Part 2!

So as I mentioned in the previous post, this time around we’ll cover the drive train and braking components on the car. With the motor in it was time to start working on getting the components ready for actually moving the car. Since every swapped 510 SR20det project is different no one makes an off the shelf driveshaft. I needed to have something custom made in order to fit. I started off by getting the rear end sorted out so I could take measurements from the transmission to the rear differential.

For the rear I choose to go with the tried and true Subaru R180 out of the WRX STI. I added to it the Cusco 1.5 way limited slip differential, billet stub ends, and the Ermish Racing CV Axle kit.

With the rear end pretty much buttoned up I could finally take the necessary measurements so I could have the driveshaft made. Once I had everything I headed over to Driveline Service in San Leandro. After a bit of planning I left everything in their capable hands and returned a mere 3 days later to pick up the completed driveshaft.

With the drive line all setup and installed it was time to get the brakes on. As mentioned previously on the blog I am using 4 piston Brembos off of the Ferrari 360 Modena for the fronts and 2 piston Brembos off of my old 07 WRX STI for the rear. Mounting was accomplished with a set of custom made billet aluminum brackets and center hats. Along with the calipers I also made all new stainless steel hard lines for the brakes and clutch and added a set of Techno Toy Tuning negative camber roll center adjusters to the coilovers.

Next up I’ll cover more of the assembly with the interior and finishing steps!

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