Assembly Part 1!

So it’s been quite some time since I last updated this. Having a new baby and general life stuff got in the way of updating the blog. However I had been cataloging everything and making sure I had progress photos of all the steps.

For now, let’s start with the general assembly after I got the shell back from the body shop. After towing the shell back to RBMS Auto Care in Hayward, where my buddy Mert kindly let me assemble the car, I began slowly piecing everything together.

I began with tackling some of the exterior items first. Tail lights, fender flares, turn signals, front lip, etc.

After I had those items finished up, it was time to drop the motor in. We finished up the motor what felt like eons ago and now was the time to finally get it in the car! I was so excited to see how everything was going to fit together.

After a bit of wiggling and adjusting the motor dropped in surprisingly easily. Since assembly of the intake and turbo components was much easier with the motor out I was really hoping that we would be able to drop the motor in from above. Typically, most people bring the motor up from the bottom with the subframe already attached and then add all of the other items on once it’s in the car.

With the motor now in it was time to start getting all of the accessories and other components on. Headlights, radiator, intercooler, etc. where all on the list.

Now with the motor in and most of the larger ticket items installed I took a bit of a break and knocked out some of the smaller exterior items. Since I wanted to prevent access to the engine bay I opted to remove the hood latch and cable and run a set of Aerocatch hood pins with keyed locks instead. I also wanted to add a bit more security so I add a set of Solex deadbolt style door locks.

We’ll continue the assembly in the next section! Interior, drivetrain, and more!

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