Growing up as a member of the “Gran Turismo Generation” we learned of amazing cars from all over the world that no one here had really ever heard of. As my fascination with all of the amazing Japanese machines of the 90s grew I began to take notice of the older JDM classics. The amazing highway battle cars of the 70s were unlike anything I had seen.

As time went on the love and respect for the old JDM classics grew. My personal favorites being those from coming from Datsun. The 240z, Bluebird/510, and Hakosuka were timeless designs that feel like they never age.

As my bored with the STI grew, my desire to rebuild an old JDM classic grew alongside it. I began researching the cars, looking for inspiration. Low, wide, and chunky immediately drew my attention. Fender Flares and meaty 15″ wheels spoke to me like not many other cars have. I began to formulate my plan and what I wanted to achieve. New-Classic was my theme with the plan being to do a full top to bottom replacement of every component on the car.

Fuel Injected modern turbo motor, modern style suspension, modern brakes, all new wiring, hard lines, etc. were all chosen to bring the 510 into the modern era.

Below are a few samples of what helped drive me towards my ultimate plan for the 510.

hako2  hako1  datsun-510-bre-fender-flares-front



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